Welcome to Fall!

By now we’re a few days into the Fall season of 2011. While Fall can be a somber time for folks (the end of summer and possibly vacations, shorter days, cold weather, the harkening of an ending year), it is probably my favorite season. The two reasons I think that is so is because the humidity (that sticks in the air around the Washington, D.C. region starting mid-June) begins to dissipate, leading to crisp and cool 70ish days, and, obviously because of the transformation into fall foliage.

Most everyone appreciates the rustic colors of autumn. In the DC area, many people travel to Shenandoah and to witness the coalescence of reds and oranges with the cool hues of the Blue Ridge mountains. Closer to the city, Great Falls National Park gives great views of the foliage. Besides the two locations already mentioned, another of my favorite locations to witness and photograph the fall colors is Arlington Cemetery.

Oaks, maples, and many other types of trees adorn the well-known white headstones, tombs, and obelisks of the Cemetery. The vibrant color provides a striking contrast to the grounds, and provide me a more captivating and solemn feeling.

Here’s a shot from the Cemetary from last fall that I just recently processed. I hope this year, I can continue to grow my portfolio of Autumn images.

“Lasting Memory”

[fancy_images width=”690″ height=”465″]
[image title=”Lasting Memory” alt=”Arlington Cemetery, Arlington, VA”]http://navinsarmaphotography.com/wp-content/gallery/places/dc/arlingtoncemetery.jpg[/image]

During a fall sunset, vistors walk the passageways of the Arlington Cemetery, and pause with solace.

The effect of a long exposure shows visitors streaking along the walkway. Their ghostly figures are a metaphor for the burial grounds: that each one of the headstones represents a person who once stood tall and independent, but has since passed. The separation between the walkway and the grounds echo the differing worlds of the living and the passed. Though darkness has fallen on the scene and on what we can understand, the transition to the vivid pink sky, behind a high hill of ornate memorials, suggests optimism in the afterlife.

I hope you enjoy the upcoming Fall season as much as I will. Until next time!

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