3 Years Ago Today – Lightning over Washington DC

3 years ago today, I shot a series of images that cemented my interest in photography. Before this time, I had been dabbling here and there, but I was amazed at the power of photography and my emotional response after I captured lightning over the city.

Mind you, I still had very little idea of how, technically, I was capturing the scene (for example,I chose an aperture f 4.0 for a scene that required a little more depth). But the result was dramatic. In fact, it was likely my most popular image and the one that sold the most at local trade shows I participated in that year.

On to the photos: ENJOY!

Photo 1: A lightning storm had passed over the city this night. I had a great vantage point from Rosslyn, VA, and a strike positioned itself well along the skyline:

[image_frame align=”left” height=”215″ width=”640″ title=”Washington DC Skyline Lightning” alt=”Washington DC Skyline Lightning”]http://navinsarmaphotography.com/wp-content/gallery/places/dc/washington_dc_skyline_lightning.jpg[/image_frame]

Photo 2: I then honed in on the monument, hoping for a little more dramatic bolt in the frame. Sure enough, the strike itself was quite awesome, forming a V shape over the Monument while illuminating an interestingly rectangle -shaped cloud.

[image_frame align=”left” height=”427″ width=”640″ title=”Washington DC Monument Lightning” alt=”Washington DC Monument Lightning”]http://navinsarmaphotography.com/wp-content/gallery/places/dc/washington_monument_dc_lightning.jpg



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