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I offer hands-on learning about photography via in-person workshops. In either a private or group setting, I can help you understand how to use your camera to tell your own story. I will lead you through the composition, capture, and processing techniques that help to capture compelling images. Classes go from beginner to advanced, and cover the gamut of Digital SLR technology including how to use your camera, how to use manual settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed), what makes a good landscape and nature fine art photograph, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Photoshop, and the artistic side of photography.

You can contact me for inquiries about private instruction or visit my Meetup page to sign up for group lessons.

Below are some testimonials about my teaching that you can find on my Meetup page. You will see many names repeated as many of my students come back to learn more. I find these encouraging comments to be the most rewarding part about teaching:

– Debbie: “Navin is a great teacher! His passion for photography is contagious!
– Megan: “I can’t wait for the next one!”
– Elizabeth: “I have only been to 1 meetup with this group and was very pleased! Navin is a great instructor and I look forward to taking other classes when offered.”
– Mary Ann: “Perfect for beginners and even those more advanced in their photography knowledge. I will be attending another workshop.”
– Prabhat: “Excellent”
– FHR: “Great workshops. Very knowledgeable instructor and very engaging with participants”
– Ravi: “I went to a workshop in October, and I learned a lot about how to use the various settings of my camera and take some awesome pictures! I am looking forward to subsequent workshops to learn more!”
– Cathy: “This meetup was awesome. Learned about shooting in RAW, composition of your shot and f/stops and shutter speeds. Navin is passionate and knowledgeable, looking forward to the next meetup”
– Courtney: “Good time with great information..I haven’t done much low-light and night time photography but the workshop was very helpful in refining what I knew. Much appreciate Navin!”
– Smeldy: “very good, especially in composition learning”
– Dave: “I would participate in another intermediate or advanced class in the future with Navin as the leader.”
– Neil: “I had a great time, learned a lot and I look forward to taking more classes in the future!”
– Debbie: “Excellent class, learned a lot.”
– Megan: “I thought this was a great photography lesson and I feel like I really learned a lot.”
– Mary: “This was a great event. Navin is very knowledgeable on photography and is able to convey his knowledge to the students in this Meetup. I learned quite a bit that I now need to practice before the next Meetup. Great Falls Tavern Visitor Center was a great location to see the falls and a place I would return to very soon”
– Elizabeth: “This was a great class! I hadn’t spend much time with my camera other than fooling around with settings and feel like I learned a lot. I look forward to upcoming sessions!”
– Jenny: “I really enjoyed Navin’s class. I learned a lot and can’t wait to continue to use what I learned. I think what really makes this class different is that you can really see Navin’s passion for photography and he wants to help others learn what he has learned. It was awesome! 🙂 Thanks so much!!”
– Cathy: “The meetup was great. Navin is passionate about photography and very knowledgeable and patient. He answers any and all questions. Looking forward to attending more meetups.”
– Mary Ann: “I just moved to MD/DC area and was happy to have been invited to this workshop by a friend. Navin was a joy to learn from a shoot with. He expalined the workings of the camera with ease and was able to answer all of my questions.”
– Danielle: “Navin is a great teacher. He takes the time to address every question that comes up and uses easy-to-understand language. He knows what he’s talking about and is experienced enough to be able to share that knowledge with us – and get great results.”
– Mary Ann: “Another great photography workshop with Navin. Beautiful location, “picture perfect” Navin sticks to his topic and explains it well. The information in the workshop was new for me and I am looking forward to practicing what I have learned.”
– Danielle: “Despite another rainy day, this meetup went great! Navin was again very concise with instructions. He’s a great teacher – and photographer. I was able to follow his instructions on HDR and got some wonderful photos!”
– Prabhat: “Navin has good experience, and has an excellent way of explaining concepts.”
– FHR: “It was a great class. I really enjoyed shooting the falls and I look forward to the next session!”
– Anh: “The instructor, Navin Sarma, was very informative and helpful. There was a lot of information to be absorbed. I learned quite a bit about light and composition, and look forward to future workshop.”
– Julie: “Thank you, Navin, for sharing your knowledge with us this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed your class and found the hands-on learning to be very helpful. Thanks again!”
– Corey: “I enjoy your training class and Katy and I will be joining you in other meetup events. learn alot Thanks Navin”
– Ann: “This is the first meetup I have attended although not the first DC area photo class and I found Navin to be a great instructor. Navin did an excellent job of explaining the technical issues I was having in such a way that I (a very NON–technical person) understood clearly. I made the corrections and saw the improvements in the next shot. Mother Nature didn’t cooperate with stunning colors, but there is no way Navin can control that. I will definitely be signing up for more meet-ups with Navin.”
– Danielle: “This was a great experience. Navin took some of the complexities out of technical photography and helped me personally to see more of the artistic aspects. Highly recommended.”
– Mary Ann: “Another great workshop with Navin. Awesome location and great tips. Looking forward to the next one.”
– Michelle: “Great workshop with Navin. I look forward to more. Learned about shooting RAW, and practiced with the shutter speed/F-stop in regards to sunrise shots.”
– Tina: “Great workshop!! I learned so much. Navin you are a great teacher. Thanks”
– Cathy: “Great workshop, learned about composing your shot and shooting in RAW.”
– Megan: “Good learning above a beginner level and being introduced to new techniques.”
– Courtney: “Good time with great information..I haven’t done much low-light and night time photography but the workshop was very helpful in refining what I knew. Much appreciate Navin!”
– Manan: “This was a great workshop…picked up a lot of good information and hopefully some photos too!! Navin, you did a great job and provided a lot useful tips…looking forward to the next meetup!”
– Danielle: “As usual, Navin was more than thorough. He’s a great teacher, informative, patient, and really knows his stuff”
– Mark: “Learned a bunch of new things – exactly what I was hoping for! Thanks!”
– FHR: “Very good information and instructions”
– Jurmin: “Thank you so much for organizing this. It was very educational and informative. I was truly impressed and will be doing this again. Thank you so much, and it was great meeting you.”
– Dave: “Navin is a great instructor, he discussed each topic through the fundamental concepts. Very concise and well organized. I only wish the basin was not so crowded with other photogs, but this is to be expected. It would be worth meeting earlier or in a separate session to prepare without distractions (I was a little late arriving and the meet had not started yet, but I may have contributed to a compressed schedule, if so sorry). I would definitely meetup with Navin again.”
– Angelina: “It was great. Navin is very organized and excellent instructor. I wish there would be less people at the location but alas the meeting location has been dicovered by a lot of folks.”
– Xinjin: “Great experience!”
– Trish: “Great class–learned a lot. Thank you!”
– Derek: “Had a great session. Very informative.”
– Chris: “Thanks navin for all the helpful instructions. I will be attending one of your classes again soon”
– Ann: “This was my second meet up with Narvin. He is a good teacher- patient, making a point to ask everyone questions and obviously listening to the answers. He made sure to walk around and check on all members multiple times throughout the meet up. He handled the different levels of skill and knowledge well so no one seemed to be lost or bored. I’m looking forward to taking several more of the boot camp classes.”
– Tonya: “Navin, thanks so much! Learned a lot! Great class!”
– Frankie: “Thanks Navin for a great lesson. Looking forward to more upcoming Boot Camp sessions.”
– Frankie: “I was looking forward to this session and Navin did not disappoint. After trying to do some panos in past, I really wanted to figure out what i was doing wrong because my stitches were not corking right. Navin Shared his workflow in the field and explained how small details make a big difference. He also went into the considerations of how to work with a High dynamic range scene like a sunrise shoot into the sun.
I recommend you join his future sessions.”
– Frankie: “Navin once again hit a homerun with this session. He shared tips on his scene analysis and how to make the best out of what the conditions give you. At first it looked like it would be a dull day but he still was able to find excellent compositions and make best use of the light. check out his image as evidence.”
– Joe: “Thanks Navin for the excellent tips and help. I am just getting to review my shots from the day.”

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