Washington DC Indigo Night Sky Print

A month or so ago, I was contacted by the owner of a Charlottesville, VA-based company, Indigo Night.

This company creates prints that illustrate the night sky as it actually looks at a given time and place. Add to that a personalized message and a quality frame, and you have a pretty special piece of art on the wall.

To clearly illustrate the place from which the sky is seen on an Indigo Night print, the company uses high resolution images of that locale’s horizon. Locales can include both generic venues (like a desert) and cities.

It just so happened that the owner of this company had been searching far and wide for a unique image of the Washington, D.C. skyline and its monuments. For a some years, he had little luck . Through a Google images search, he stumbled upon my site and found the view he was looking for.

A few weeks later, and Indigo Night has transformed one of my images into a horizon for their Washington, D.C. night sky! You can check it out here (where you will have to select “Places from Q-Z” under the “Horizon” drop down and then choose “Washington DC”). You might see a resemblance to one of my images:

[fancy_images height=”600″ width=”900″ alt=”” title=””]http://navinsarmaphotography.com/wp-content/gallery/places/dc/Washington_DC_Skyline_Lightning.jpg[/fancy_images]

Thanks to Indigo Night for licensing my image! Good luck to them in their very creative business.

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