Thankful for Inspiration

On Thanksgiving, my family has a tradition to go around the table and mention what we are thankful for. Overall, I am always thankful for the same thing: health of those who are dear to us. Health is the number one requirement from which all other good fortunes come. I am thankful for every breath we take and every day we live without pain or sadness.

Within photography, I am thankful for something slightly different. I’m thankful for the inspiration that photography provides to me and to others.

First, I am happy that the natural world inspires me to capture and illustrate its beauty. This drive is the purpose I spend so much time with my camera, and for a passion like this, I am very thankful.

I am also thankful to be inspired by other photographers and artists in this world. I started photography not even realizing its potential for artistic impression. Over the years, skilled artists have inspired me with their unique visions of the world. Inevitably, their work influences my own and drives me to get better.

Lastly, I am thankful that my own work inspires others. I always am humbled and appreciative of the kind comments people provide on my work, the fact that they will buy it and display it prominently in their personal space, and that other artists, photographers I have taught and others, are inspired by it.

Over the past year, I was approached twice with requests to paint my work onto canvas. I obliged both requests happily, humbled that others find some of my work so compelling to spend hours on their own rendition.

Without inspiration, the intrigue of photography — to both the general public and photographers — would be lost. I’m happy to pay inspiration forward and continue illustrating our passion and humanity through imagery.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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