Published in Landscape Photography Magazine

First, I want to apologize for my lack of writing recently! I’ve been busy with work these past few weeks (photography and non-photography related), but I will definitely make an effort to share more of my thoughts. Lord knows there are many, and all at the same time :).

I was recently published in an electronic nature and landscape photography magazine, aptly titled Landscape Photography Magazine. The publication showcases portfolios, and publishes stories and informative articles provided by nature photographers across the world.

Published in Issue #7 was my adaptation of the three-part blog series on my trip to Olympic National Park (see parts one, two, and three).

Well, this is a pretty exciting development for me. I’m glad that this article will allow more people to see my work! One of my most rewarding experiences about photography is sharing my captured moments with others.

Landscape Photography Magazine is by paid subscription ($9 annually — not a bad price for a great resource on photography). But, if you’d like to see a low-resolution version of my article, shoot me a note!

Till next time, when I can show you some of my in-progress images 🙂

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