Precious Moments

Photography is a way for me to express my spirituality and belief in something beyond this world. In every shot of mine, I try to include elements of nature so that they evoke emotion & wonder from you, the viewer, as it did me when I clicked the shutter.

The natural world is amazing for so many reasons — one such reason is the mystery of what lies beyond it. The structure of birth, life, and death that is evident in every facet of this world is so certain, yet so hard to grasp. Every being on the Earth knows its time on the planet is limited, and therefore strives for a healthy and productive life. And, I believe that we feel a simmering from our subconscious that reminds that life is fleeting, and makes especially us humans appreciate the good, bad, and complexities of it.

Death is never a happy milestone in the course of natural order, but, it is not unhappy either. It’s the necessary process required to continue the sustenance of our planet, and breathe new life into all types of organic relatives. It also is necessary in preserving the sanctity and value of life on Earth. After all, what would life even mean if there weren’t an opposite in death?

The question that remains is what happens to the soul that was carried in the organic body once alive on the Earth. The wonder and awe I have in the perfect chaos of the Universe and our planet hints to me that the soul, of which I cannot describe in words, lives on. I believe the soul, which every being in the earth has, fits into another natural order which we have yet to see or cannot remember.

So while we cannot ever celebrate death, I pray for the souls of the Earth. I pray that the signs I have seen from this planet are true: that souls truly exist. I pray that they are taken to a place of ultimate understanding and peace: where questions don’t exist, where time is irrelevant, where all is pliable.

I pray for you, for me, for all of us. And for those who have departed the Earth.

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