Inspiration, Part II

A little over a year ago, I shared some paintings that were created with inspiration from my images. It’s really quite humbling and amazing that people can somehow identify with what I shoot and represent it in their own renditions.

Cut to this month, when another image of mine, “Girl with Dog” from Cusco, Peru in 2009 was painted by Nora Swallows. Better than the original, in my opinion! Below the painting is an image for your reference.

Painting of Navin Sarma's "Girl with Dog"

Painting of Navin Sarma’s “Girl with Dog”

Girl with Dog

Girl with Dog –¬†Cusco, Peru

Inspiration is such an interesting concept. We all have this intangible¬†feeling in one way or another that motivates us to push ourselves further than we knew possible. I can’t take credit for inspiring someone else, since I feel I’m “paying it forward” by how the environment inspires me. Regardless, it’s a good feeling.

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