The Importance of Recognition

I struggle with the want to be recognized for my work in photography.

I firmly believe one should follow any passion solely for the self. To that end, I am happy creating images that I find appealing and enjoy challenging myself to get better.

At times, though, I have felt the urge to have others’ acceptance of my work to validate that I am on the right path. I think it’s only natural, after you get to a stage, to look for some encouragement from others and to use it as motivation to continue to improve.

As long as I stay true to my own vision and work mainly to satisfy my own creative urges, I always welcome encouraging comments and, more importantly, constructive criticism.

Long story short, today is a small landmark for me! My photo, “Fantasy Garden” from Maui, Hawaii was chosen as Photo of the Day in the daily contest.

While there is no “prize” associated and it’s a relatively simple contest to win, it is still one that is rather prestigious in that some of the best photographers in the world submit and have their work displayed on EarthShots.

I just thought I would share this nice little piece of recognition and encouragement for me, as I continue down this winding road. 🙂

See the entry here.

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