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I am always looking for some more exposure to show people my work. One of the largest photography presences in the area is FotoDC, a non-profit organization that runs several competitions, including their annual FotoDC International Awards.

This year, they’ve come up with a new theme: Uncover/Discover, which aims to identify up-and-comers from the DC Regional area. As part of this campaign, they asked photographers from DC to submit targeted portfolios that reflect their own style.

Lately, my concentration has been on fully natural scenes from the DC area. Therefore, a natural portfolio choice for me is my recent work in Great Falls.

So follows my portfolio submission. I think there is a lot I can continue to improve on in the craft, but it is still fulfilling (in a way) to look back and see what I’ve been able to complete.

Creative Statement:

Great Falls is an unexpected gem of natural beauty just a few miles outside of the city of Washington D.C. A wild place, Great Falls has a beautiful and unique ecosystem characterized most by cascades over ancient rock, rare bedrock forests, and flocks of costal birds.

Just a moment there, and one is awestruck by the beauty in the Falls’ raw strength, ferocity, and size. But spend more time, and one finds it is elegantly balanced with rather tranquil qualities, sometimes found within more intimate scenes.
To me, the contrasting violence and peace of the scenes at Great Falls represents a microcosm for our world and universe. We are constantly reminded of both as we witness events at all scales: earthquakes or supernovas, childbirths or nebulas.

Despite how destructive or creative each event may be, each is worth our wonder. By taking time and appreciating the mysterious and grand forces that dictate and drive violence and peace, one may find beauty in nearly every natural scene.

See the pics here!

I would love any feedback or your thoughts!

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