Fall at the Washington, D.C. Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

So I’m finally back from tall the wedding festivities and the honeymoon, and it’s back to business! This fall will be all about shooting and teaching landscape photography.

This morning I conducted another sunrise Washington DC landscape photography workshop, this time at the National Mall: the Lincoln Memorial, Reflecting Pool, and Washington Monument.

I was hoping for a bit more fall color, but it hasn’t peaked yet all around the city.

While the forecast called for some clouds, most were absent by the sunrise. But, some mist on the horizon diffused the sun just a bit, giving it a dome like shape as it rose and reflected off the Reflecting Pool:

Washington DC Sunrise Washington Monument

The slightly diffused sun rises and reflects off of the Reflecting Pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument

More to come, with another workshop tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Fall at the Washington, D.C. Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool

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