Life keeps moving. A few blinks and it’s been 5 years in California. And just the same amount of time where I’ve seemingly stopped creating with the throughput and passion in making dramatic imagery to communicate the greatness, violence, and beauty of the natural world.

Maybe my creative side has been been dormant or otherwise engaged — enabling amazing imagery for others, versus myself.

Maybe the complexity of life has made my mind less available for creative exploration in the ways I had in the past.

No matter why I’ve slowed down the past couple of years in producing content, I still — perhaps more than ever — appreciate the experiences of physical life, and especially those within personally novel exploration of natural world. Producing an image to share my emotions and awe of the my surroundings has become less important for me than experiencing them fully with no noise.

However, naturally, I did return to creating some work to share. As the world has evolved, so perhaps am I. Videos may become more of a thing for me — or maybe not. I guess I’ll just have to figure out which way the wind — and my mind — takes me. Like always.

But dynamism persists. The world is moving, and so am I.

*note, if you have a display that can display HDR, like a recent Pixel, Android, iPhone, or recent model TV (especially one with a peak brightness of over 1k nit), view these videos directly on YouTube for better contrast and color, as I’ve graded it. Still working on making sure both SDR and HDR renditions look consistent. Stay tuned as I work out the kinks!

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