Creative Exercises at Great Falls

I have spent a lot of time this year thinking about how to improve as a photographer and artist. I feel like I have had stops and starts throughout this process — not nearly as easy as I would hope. While I know what subjects and moods interest me, I am curious about the narrative that accompanies my photography. What am I trying to say through this work of experiencing, capturing, and sharing? I don’t know if I will ever have one “statement” to represent me, but I am interested in refining my outputs to be increasingly “me”.

As a way to focus myself, I started a project – one that I think to continue. I am always intrigued at the varied moods that Great Falls shows me. Particularly, there are parts of the park that are peaceful and welcoming and others that are violent and intimidating. This is no better characterized than in the water. So, on Monday evening, I set out to capture water abstracts that gradually lead from calm to furious.

I would be very happy for your comments and thoughts. Remember that any of this shots can be made into photo prints and that I offer photo classes in dc and great falls focusing on nature and landscape photography. Please contact me if you are interested in either.

Great Falls Photo Print

Spring Mirage
A pair of lush green trees in unison as reflected in the C&O Canal

Great Falls Photo Print

Late evening sun streams through trees and rock and highlights water as it picks up speed in Great Falls, MD

photo print of great falls abstract reflection

Thunderous Rage
Sun peeks through thunderclouds and between rainfall onto the violent rapids of Great Falls

As a bonus, and not consistently with the theme of water abstracts, I had to capture this scene of huge logs (read: TREES), collecting at the base of the overlooks to Great Falls. These wooden remains are some 30-40 feet long by my rough estimate. It’s just amazing to see the power of our environment, even in our relatively domesticated/controlled urban area.

photo print of great falls abstract reflection

After the Floods
Powerful floodwater deposits large logs above a large formation in Great Falls, MD

Thanks for looking!

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