Beauty in Detail: Great Falls National Park

Being a photographer has changed the way I walk through life. Slowly but surely, I find myself being more observant of my surroundings and more appreciative of the subtle beauty of the Earth.

A favorite place of mine to visit in the DC area is Great Falls. Of course, Great Falls National Park offers sweeping vistas and dramatic views that even the most seasoned expeditionary would appreciate. However, there are more intricate details and beauty to enjoy if only you choose to look.

On this evening, I was trying out my new lens (Canon 24-105 f4/L) on a group of rocks on the Maryland side of Great Falls. There are so many cool formations around, but what held my interest this evening was a group of lichen moss, brilliantly contrasted in color. I have been frequenting that side of Great Falls for a number of other photos I have in mind,┬áand I think I’ll revisit something like this again as well.

I hope you enjoy this image, and enjoy the beauty in detail all around us!

[image_frame align=”left” height=”800″ width=”640″ title=”Beauty in Detail” alt=”Varied color lichens scattered beautifully across striated rock at Great Falls, MD”][/image_frame]


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