• Storm clouds pass by on a windy Friday afternoon in Washington DC
    Under the Clouds
  • A wide view at the base of the Jefferson Memorial Abstract
    Jefferson Memorial Abstract
  • Further than the Eye Can See
  • Leave Traces
  • A colorful bird flys through a green field in Darwin, Australia
    Darwin Bird Abstract
  • Peak cherry blossoms under the crescent moon at the Tidal Basin of Washington DC
    Cherry Blossom Twilight Panorama
  • During a fall sunset, vistors walk the passageways of the Arlington Cemetery, and pause with solace. The effect of a long exposure shows visitors streaking along the walkway. Their ghostly figures are a metaphor for the burial grounds: that each one of the headstones represents a person who once stood tall and independent, but has since passed. The separation between the walkway and the grounds echo the differing worlds of the living and the passed. Though darkness has fallen on the scene and on what we can understand, the transition to the vivid pink sky, behind a high hill of ornate memorials, suggests optimism in the afterlife.
    Lasting Memory
  • A long exposure at mid-day at Great Falls Park on the Maryland side
    Great Falls Black and White
  • A perspective panorama blend shows the entire Air Force Memorial at sunrise
    Air Force Memorial Wide Sunrise
  • Peak cherry blossom panorama at the Tidal Basin and Jefferson Memorial
    Jefferson Memorial Cherry Blossom Panorama
  • An ancient Bristlecone pine tree stands tall and alone upon the barren, granite rubble of the White Mountains Wilderness.
    Sweet Desolation
  • Geese swim by during a foggy sunrise at the reflecting pool at the Washington Monument and National Mall.
    Foggy Reflection
  • The rising full moon softly illuminates the parade of sea stacks at Point of Arches
    Under the Pale Moonlight
  • Twilight at White Mountains reveals the milky way along with dark blue hues just after sunset.
    Dreaming in Blue
  • A wide view of a golden sunrise complete with crepusculars (god rays) during summer at Great Falls National Park
    Great Gold
  • Momentum in wave formations gathers in interesting shapes and colors at King's Bath, Kauai.
    Off to the Races
  • Remember the Sky
  • The total lunar eclipse of 2010 in a photo composite. The moon was shot with a zoom lens at 200mm, while the clouds and stars were shot at 50mm.
    Celestial Magic
  • Moonrise at the Martin Luther King Memorial
    Stone of Hope
  • Fallen petals act as somber, graceful gifts from the Cherry Blossom peak at the Tidal Basin
    Sincerely Yours
  • Fall foliage is abound during a glorious and classic Shenandoah National Park sunrise, with the diffused sun filling orange in the hazy blue rolling hills.
    Shenandoah Classic
  • A colorful sunset after a powerful storm at the Air Force Memorial
    Clearing the Storm
  • Lincoln Memorial in Winter
    Lincoln Memorial in the Winter
  • Snow and wind mix in with purple city glow at sunset at the Air Force Memorial
    Winter's Remembrance
  • Smoke from a nearby wildfire scatters distant light from the sun and stars over Mono Lake, California.
    Beneath the Darkness
  • A kayaker battles with the raging Potomac at sunset after a stormy afternoon at Great Falls, VA
    Riding into the Light
  • A pair of lush green trees in unison as reflected in the C&O Canal
    Spring Mirage
  • Washington Monument Autumn
  • Dramatic, blue sunset clouds over the Iwo Jima Memorial
    Iwo Jima Memorial Clouds
  • After sunset, city lights illuminate the landscape and create an apocalyptic mood at Great Falls
    The Other Side
  • Pink light dapples on rolling waves as they crash into the limestone cliffs of Uluwatu Temple, Bali.
    Crash of Color
  • A radiant monochromatic sunrise at the World War II Memorial
    World War II Memorial Black and White Sunrise
  • A wide view at the base of the Lincoln Memorial
    Lincoln Memorial Abstract
  • Water and rock form interesting shapes in Great Falls, VA
    Shape of the River
  • A small freshwater stream empties into the calm Caribbean sea ocean, creating beautiful shapes & textures as the water sources delicately ride around and on top of one another in the sunset light.
    Caribbean Calm
  • Mono Classic
  • Rolling hills are lit by the sunset at the Shenandoahs
    Layers of Warmth
  • Lake Wakatipu of South Island, New Zealand during a winter sunrise
    Lake Wakatipu Sunrise
  • Moon over the U.S. Capitol
  • An iguana creeps up a branch beneath a cliff in St Thomas
    From the Cliffs
  • A wide view at the base of the Air Force Memorial
    Air Force Memorial Abstract
  • Mist scatters the cool morning light amongst the cliff edges of the Kalalau Valley
    Mist in the Valley
  • A purple sky as night falls over Lower Senate Park fountains and the U.S. Capitol.
    Lower Senate Park at Night
  • A long exposure enhances the dreamy scene at sunrise on the Olympic Coast
    Relic of a Dream
  • A tide pool rich with sea anenomes and kelp contrast with a large sea stack at Shi Shi Beach.
    Two Worlds
  • A radiant scene on the east coast of Maui, where the river meets the sea at Oheo Gulch. Maui, Hawaii.
    Fantasy Garden
  • Mist from the valley allows a double rainbow to appear in Waimea Canyon, Hawaii.
    Under the Rainbow
  • Sunrise on MLK day 2014 at the Martin Luther King Memorial
    Stone of Hope II
  • Bottoms Up
  • An eerie scene of fog covering Georgetown and the Washington DC
    DC in a Fog
  • The sun rises over trees plastered with snow at the Potomac River. The Washington Monument is just visible in the distance.
    Breaking the Silence
  • Avenues of sunlit clouds channel across the sky over intense river flow at Great Falls, Virginia.
    Dramatic Rapids
  • A Great Blue Heron soars across the rapids of Great Falls Park
    Great Blue Heron Abstract
  • The moon pushes through pink clouds just past sunset over tulips surrounding the Navy-Merchant Marine Memorial
    Reborn Again
  • The rapids of Great Falls weave water in and out, and into interesting shapes
    Woven in Water
  • Aqua-colored, but coal-polluted water turns rocks a bright, unnatural orange at Douglas Falls, in West Virginia.
    Fragile Falls
  • Air Force Memorial Black and White
  • Dark storm clouds race over the U.S. Capitol just after sunset
    Storm Clouds over the U.S. Capitol
  • Heart of Darkness
  • Pink clouds highlighted from the setting sun contrast with the rising moon over the Potomac River of Washington DC
    Pink Moonrise over Washington DC
  • A brilliant sunrise contrasts over limestone cliffs and a shallow lagoon at Nusa Dua, Bali.
  • Peak fall foliage is showcased during a brilliant purple and blue sunset at the U.S. Capitol in Washington DC
    U.S. Capitol Sunset Autumn
  • The sun rises between the Washignton Monument and Jefferson Memorial
    Tidal Basin Panorama
  • Washington DC Cherry Blossom Peak
  • Red shrubs in the West Virginia highlands signal the beginning of Autumn
    Autumns Entrance
  • A autumn-colored leaf is suspended by a cobweb in a Maryland forest
    Autumn Suspended
  • A blue overcast snowfall past sunset accents a mystical scene at Muddy Creek Falls, Oakland, MD.
    Magically Melancholy
  • Peak fall foliage is showcased within a panorama at the U.S. Capitol and the reflecting pool
    U.S. Capitol Panorama in Autumn
  • Venus shines brightly during twilight over autumn trees at Lindy Point, Blackwater Falls State Park
    Venus Watching
  • Christmas in the Fall
  • Late evening sun streams through trees and rock and highlights water as it picks up speed in Great Falls, MD
  • Paths separate forming symmetry during a pink sunset at the Washington Monument
    Washington Monument Sunset
  • The Washington Monument and an oak tree during a winter moonrise
    Washington Monument Under the Moon
  • Tropical Fire
  • Just past sunset, pink light and the moon shine brightly as far as the eye can see
    Great Falls Moon Panorama
  • The super harvest moon rises behind the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington
    Raise the Flag
  • Mist scatters through the desolate forests near Great Falls Park
    Foggy Forest
  • After the long, cold winter of 2013, the cherry blossoms signal the beginning of spring during this peacefully glowing sunrise at the Tidal Basin
    Spring Serenity
  • Beautiful contrasts of orange, white, and yellow at a marsh in Blackwater Falls State Park
    Autumn Oasis
  • Living on the Edge
  • A wide view at the base of the Washington Monument
    Washington Monument Abstract
  • A long exposure streaks clouds and softens reflections at the Tidal Basin at sunrise during peak of 2011′s Cherry Blossom bloom
    Awakening - Washington DC Cherry Blossom Sunrise
  • Where dark finally meets light at the Crystal Cave, Belize

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